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Cleaning Equipment

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thumbnail imageAD91260ADDIS - BINS - All Purpose 55L R 315.90Each
thumbnail imageAD9119ADDIS - BINS All Purpose 60L R 382.70Each
thumbnail imageAD9129ADDIS - BINS Pedal 20L R 209.50Each
thumbnail imageAD9605ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Bucket & Lid 15L R 124.70Each
thumbnail imageAD9603ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Bucket Without Lid 12L R 74.90Each
thumbnail imageAD2337ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Dazzle Duster R 130.40Each
thumbnail imageAD2491ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Dustpan & Brush R 51.50Each
thumbnail imageAD407ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Floor Scrubbing Brush R 85.30Each
thumbnail imageAD4043ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Lint Remover R 80.60Each
thumbnail imageAD4044ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Lint Remover Refill R 73.30Each
thumbnail imageAD9545ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Mop Set With Wringer R 234.70Each
thumbnail imageAD1202ADDIS - CLEANING EQUIPMENT Window Cleaner Squeegee R 206.00Each
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